Attending Doctor Appointment’s

Americans get, on average, 18 minutes with their primary care doctors at each visit.

This is hardly an effective amount of time spent to ask the necessary questions, process the information your doctor gives you and ask any additional questions that may arise based on new information. Effective communication when it comes to any type of health care is key in a complete approach to your needs.  Improving communication with the doctor will help you get the most out of the brief interaction, which is where Complete Dignity comes in.

Our advocate team at Complete Dignity will educate you or your family members on how best to talk to your doctor, help you generate a list of questions, and explain the answers you receive to you. Our dedicated team acts as a liaison to your family and/or your health-care team and can accompany you to the doctor. It helps to have a second set of ears when understanding and processing complex medical information. We ask questions, take notes, and help you make sense of the information afterward.

Complete Dignity can also communicate with loved ones who may live out of the area about the diagnosis, options, decisions, care updates, and more.