Tis The Season For Love , Joy, Laughter and Maybe a Touch of Anxiety........

As we wrap up 2015 and getting ready for 2016 let’s take the anxiety, confusion and the overwhelming nature of healthcare out. Using the right Patient Advocate will help you organize, empower and achieve the care you deserve. A Patient Advocate is a caring, knowledgeable and compassionate professional that will set the wheels in motion for an optimal health experience. Here is a list of To Do’s so you can achieve your optimal health experience in 2016.

  • Gather all medical bills to see if there are any discrepancies in what was charged.

  • Did you receive that service?

  • Were you supposed to receive that service but it was cancelled?

  • Are the dates and time correct?

  • Is your discharge time correct?

  • Compare your bills to your medical records and make sure they match.


  • Are you or your loved ones getting the best price for the services and medications you need?

  • Do your research and compare. (Be a savvy shopper.)


  • New diagnoses or recurring diagnoses?

                 What’s my options?

Now you have your” To Do”, list so you can achieve your optimal health experience!