Medical Bill

We provide services to individuals, families and companies who require help to review, understand and identify problems with their healthcare bills and insurance statements. We work directly for you. We fight unfair charges, negotiate reductions, submit results-driven claims and appeals, and advocate unconditionally on your behalf to hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and debt collectors.

Provider Fee

When determining what medical procedures, surgeries and diagnostic tests you may need for your care, it is also important that you and your doctor have the same goals regarding the payment for those services.  While all health insurance plans must now meet the 10 Minimum Essential Benefits of the Affordable Care mandate, declining reimbursement, denied procedures/tests and high deductibles could potentially be obstacles to your care outcomes.

Insurance Denials
And Appeals

Studies have found that up to 95 percent of denied claims are not appealed? The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, the law popularly known as Obamacare, gives a policyholder new rights to demand that an insurer reconsider any health claim denial.


Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that includes community-wide and systematic resources, Complete Dignity assists patients in empowering and promoting self-management to address their illness or condition. Our goal is to help our clients maximize current clinical effectiveness, regardless of treatment setting or modality.

Assisted Living

Living independently in our homes for as long as we can, is in the hearts of many.  Complete Dignity can evaluate your current living environment to help you find the best way to remain at home. Understanding, educating and coordinating the implementation of accessible, functional and adaptable living changes ensure independence for as long as possible.

Nursing Home

Sometimes long-term care can have mixed emotions on the loved one, as well as, the family members. However, there may come a time in your family when certain circumstances indicate that it is a possibility that should be considered. Long-term care complies a comprehensive range of medical, personal, and social services coordinated to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of people who are chronically ill or disabled. 

And Aid

Healthcare reform offers many choices and programs to help you with your medical bills and prescriptions. But, how do you find them and what are the qualifications?  State and federal Medicaid rules have changed and so have some disability eligibility parameters.

Attending Doctor

Americans get, on average, 18 minutes with their primary care doctors at each visit. Improving communication with the doctor will help you get the most out of the brief interaction. Complete Dignity will educate you or your family members on how best to talk to your doctor, help you generate a list of questions, and then explain the answers to you.


Complete Dignity is a healthcare advocacy company committed to each patient’s needs and the needs of their family members. Our primary goal is to help take the confusion out of health care by collaborating to meet the individual goals of each patient. By taking advantage of our many health care resources and experiences we work to educate and inform each individual on the health care issues they may be facing. We firmly believe that by serving as an advocate in health care education that our patients and their family members are empowered and able to make the best educated choices possible concerning their health care decisions.

Complete Dignity understands that the stress of dealing with health care challenges is often a combination of unwanted interruptions. Interruptions in your daily routine, interruptions to your family, your finances, your future plans and your entire life overall. The last thing anyone needs when struggling with serious health concerns is to try and navigate through the complexity of the healthcare system and insurance bureaucracy. By seeking out assistance from others who are familiar with the medical, healthcare and insurance issues that can arise you are able to have more time to spend on what truly matters, your life.

Having Complete Dignity by your side ensures you peace of mind and comfort in knowing our caring and knowledgeable team will be there with you every step of the way.