Provider Fee Negotiation
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Provider Fee Negotiation

With the rising cost of healthcare it is important that you and your doctor have the same underlying goals in determining what medical procedures, surgeries and diagnostic tests you may need for your care, along with the payment for those services.


While most health insurance plans must now meet the 10 Minimum Essential Benefits of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate, declining reimbursement, denied procedures/tests and high deductibles could still all be potential obstacles to your care outcomes.

We help you understand and negotiate the Fair and Reasonable pricing rules that apply to all healthcare procedures. When it comes to being informed and taking control of your health care, it is true that the best time to understand payment options is before your planned procedure.

Negotiating a reduced fee with your doctor, suitable payment arrangements or helping you find additional funding sources or discounts that satisfy you and your doctor are all areas of advocacy that we are familiar with.


Our goal at Complete Dignity is enabling you to receive the services you need, at a cost you can manage, no matter what area of the healthcare spectrum you need assistance with. 

We can help you take control of the care you receive and prevent unexpected medical costs.