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Complete Dignity is devoted to educating and assisting patients and their family members to navigate through the intimidating, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming nature of health care.

Board Certified Patient Advocate


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Michelle Riddle founded Complete Dignity in February 2015 with the purpose to assist, educate and navigate patients through the complicated and often intimidating world of healthcare. Michelle is a private, independent, Board Certified Patient Advocate who serves individuals and families nationwide.

She received her certificate in Patient Advocacy through the Cleveland State University School of Nursing. Michelle is also a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants.

Featured in Arizona Attorney Magazine- Expert Guide 2020 in the Medical-Legal Consulting, Patient Advocate, and Insurance Claims Analysis categories. Founder and Past President of Arizona Association of Patient Advocacy.

Experience That Matters

Michelle has several years of healthcare experience with an extensive background in various areas.  These include rehabilitation therapy for those recovering from strokes, brain and spinal cord injuries, and pediatric patients.  She was a Health Assistant in the education sector for 5 plus years.  Additionally, she also has a solid understanding of the life cycle of the medical billing process.


Michelle is passionate in legislative activity to protect the patients’ rights and their pocketbooks. She is dedicated to staying current with the latest developments of Patient Advocacy by attending and contributing to seminars.  Her experienced team of patient advocates are ready to serve you.

Number of Preventable Medical Errors0%
Preventable medical BILLING errors0%
Consumers NOT exercising their appeal rights0%
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