Financial Assistance and Aid | Complete Dignity | Healthcare
Are you in need of some assistance or financial aid when it comes to paying for your healthcare bills? You are not alone. Let us help lower your medical debt by advising you of the various medical programs and government aid sources.
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Financial Assistance and Aid

Health care programs for assistance

Healthcare Programs for the elderly

Health care reform offers many choices and programs to help you with your medical bills and prescriptions. But, how do you find them and what are the qualifications?  Could you benefit from financial assistance and aid?


Even to patients familiar with medical bills and prescriptions, the State and Federal Medicaid rules have changed and so have some disability eligibility parameters. At Complete Dignity, we are dedicated to staying up to date with the latest changes and benefits associated with medical billing and prescription programs. Our dedicated research means that you gain the benefit of choosing the best possible option for your specific situation without having to navigate through the complex and changing programs available.

When it comes to prescriptions and drug therapies, manufacturers are constantly bringing new products to the market.  Clinical trials drive their ability to do so.  With FDA required research and trials, there is a unique opportunity that exists for consumers to be a part of this process.  Thus giving consumers an opportunity to have part of their care paid for. Our Patient Advocates will research what’s available for you based on your individual health care circumstances.


There are many healthcare programs that offer assistance in a variety of situations.  But, finding assistance and applying for it properly can be a daunting task.  Therefore, let our health care advocates help you with finding the right program. We will submit and follow up with applications so you can be assured that it is being processed correctly.  

We can help you determine your eligibility and guide you in applying for these benefits.  Call today at 480-356-9662.