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Many times insurance will deny a claim because they felt the procedure or medical service was not necessary, or the physician was out of network. If a patient feels this denial is not fair, it can be challenged and possibly overturned. Complete Dignity is experienced in appealing insurance denials. Contact us today for a consult.
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Insurance Denials & Appeals

Insurance Denials

Insurance Denials can be appealed

Studies have found that up to 95 percent of denied health care claims are not appealed.  Complete Dignity is experienced in overturning insurance denials and will appeal on your behalf.


Many insurance claims are denied due to:

  • Improper coding of a medical procedure.
  • Other errors on the part of the health provider.
  • Care that was performed outside of the health plan’s network.
  • Care that the insurer deems was not medically necessary.
  • Using an out-of-network provider.

Appealing insurance denials takes time and energy.


It can be extremely frustrating when you think you have been charged incorrectly for a procedure or a health visit.  It might be time to appeal.  Complete Dignity will work with you and your healthcare provider to plan a strategic insurance appeal on your behalf.  Ultimately, with the anticipation of achieving an end result where the procedure is covered and the insurance claim is corrected.

Additionally, we can help you to understand your insurance plan.  We can explain your plan benefits and how to use your benefits effectively.  We would love to hear from you, contact us for a consultation.

Let us take the lead and help you understand more about your health insurance and receive the benefits and coverage you are entitled to.