Medical Bill Review
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Medical Bill Review

Approximately 80% of medical bills have been estimated to contain errors. This is where we come in.


As a healthcare advocate, we provide services to individuals, families and companies who may not have the medical knowledge needed to review, understand and identify health care problems with their medical bills and insurance statements. By serving as your advocate and education liaison, we work directly for you. We fight unfair charges, negotiate reductions, submit results-driven claims and/or appeals, and advocate unconditionally on your behalf to hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and debt collectors.

Common healthcare related errors include: overcharges, duplicate charges, repeat charges, error in length of stay, errors in time spent in the OR, medical billing upcoding and downcoding, accidental keystroke mistakes, canceled services, unbundling of codes, lack of authorization or pre-certifications, just to name a few.


The truth is that most consumers will spend more time finding the best price for their groceries before they’ll find the best price for their own healthcare! We want to take the extra time and find the best prices for you!

Our mission is to level the playing field by educating and empowering you. Let’s make you an informed shopper!