Medical Bill Review | Complete Dignity| Complete Dignity is devoted to educating and assisting patients and their family members on how to navigate through the intimidating, confusing, and very often overwhelming nature of health care.
Medical Bill Review is a major service offered by Complete Dignity. Billing errors occur quite often and are researched and corrected. Saving consumers money.
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Medical Bill Review

Reviewing Medical Bills

Approximately 80% of medical bills are estimated to contain errors.


Most individuals do not have the medical knowledge needed to review or identify problems with their medical bills.  At Complete Dignity, we specifically fight unfair charges, negotiate reductions, and advocate unconditionally on your behalf.  Additionally, we are in constant contact with hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and debt collectors.  Our goal is to make sure you are properly billed, medically cared for, and not overpaying for medical services.

Common healthcare-related billing errors include overcharges, duplicate charges, or errors in the length of stay.  Additionally, mistakes are found in medical coding, accidental keystrokes, or lack of pre-authorization.  Most of these errors can be identified, corrected, and adjusted.

Truth is that most consumers will spend more time finding the best price for their groceries before they’ll find the best price for their healthcare! We are experienced and will take the extra time and find the best prices for you!   Contact us today to see if your medical bills are accurate.  We may be able to save you money.

Our mission is to level the playing field by educating and empowering you. Let’s make you an informed shopper!