Board Certified Patient Advocate

Board Certified Patient Advocate

Board Certified Patient Advocate abide by the following beliefs:

  • passionately advocating for their patient’s health, safety, and rights
  • holding themselves accountable for their own advocacy role
  • respecting each patient’s right to privacy, and abide by all relevant laws and regulations relating to the confidentiality of personal information
  • strong commitment to integrity and transparency in the conduct of their practices
  • promoting the autonomy and empowerment of their clients to exercise meaningful informed consent
  • respecting the dignity and freedom of each client to make his or her own decisions grounded in the cultural, spiritual, and ethical context of that individual

In short, consider contacting the Patient Advocates at Complete Dignity.  They are Board Certified Patient Advocates who care.  Above all, they want to help patients with their healthcare issues.  Contact us at 480-356-9662 or email

Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a Board Certified Patient Advocate please go to


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