Handling Insurance Appeals

Handling Insurance Appeals

ring logoHave you had an insurance claim denied?  Here are some pointers to appeal:


Be organized * Worked together with the physician’s office/insurance company

If you have an insurance denial you can appeal on your own.  Prior to appealing be sure you are familiar with your plan’s policy.  You can write a letter to the provider explaining your situation.  Be sure to provide specific details (insurance information-  your plan number, member number, and date of birth—in each interaction), name of the service or medication denied, along with the reason cited.

Make sure to submit your appeal within the time limits, as missing the timing is immediate grounds for denying your appeal. Keep track of all written and verbal communications as detailed as possible.  The appeal may not work quickly, and it may require filing multiple times.

Consider hiring a patient advocate to handle the appeal.  They are experts and understand the process.  In the end, it could save you lots of money.  Complete Dignity can handle these appeals on your behalf. Please reach out if you need assistance.  We are here to help.

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