Mindfulness reduces stress and inflammation.

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment and observing what’s happening in an accepting, nonjudgmental way.

How to be ‘in the moment’
Notice every sensation in your body; hear and smell everything around you; put thoughts of anything not related to this moment out of your mind. You’re not thinking about the work you have to do later. You’re not worrying about anything you can’t control right now. You are fully immersed in the present, whether you’re eating an apple, taking a walk or sitting still on a chair.

Health benefits of mindfulness
There’s research to show that each of these activities reduces both the potentially harmful stress response and inflammation. Some of these practices may directly improve brain function, too. Because a variety of mindfulness practices bring these health benefits, you can try them all and choose the one you enjoy most.

All of us at Complete Dignity practice mindfulness.  It allows us to successfully help our clients.

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